A Huge thank you to our sponsors so far! 

Lonely Acres Bulldogs statement:  We here at Lonely Acres Bulldogs wanted to find a way to give back in a special way to a Veteran. We have teamed up with PayItForward in Mower County who have been working on changing lives for over 5 years.

Now the concept was born to give the gift of a Bulldog companionship to one of our Minnesota Veterans. Veterans can view themselves and the world the way their pet does. They see their best qualities reflected in their pet’s eyes, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Instead of feeling threatened by the outside world, their pet draws them into it and reminds them that life is full of joy and adventure. By observing how their pet appreciates every day and every moment, they learn to do the same. Once a Veteran opens his or her heart to a companion animal, it paves the way to opening themselves to others.

Rolling Green Fencing will be donating up to 200 ft of 4ft galvanized chain link fence with up to 2 4ft wide walk gates. i will do the install if its within 45 miles of Austin. Homeowners are responsible for property lines and marking out the corners and starts and stops and any permits if needed. If it’s outside of the 45 miles i will donate $600.00 towards the install.

Chuck & Don’s donated a $50 gift card

 Lora & Isaac Skelton from Not Your Mama’s Photography.  They will be photographing the puppy once it is chosen & then traveling with to photograph when our MN Veteran receives his puppy!

Melissa Moorman
Certified Dog Trainer, Behavior Modification Specialist
(541) 315 6004 
Monticello, MN
Melissa will be selecting the pup based on temperment testing using the Volhards Puppy Aptitude Testing Method.