2018 Daniel Johnson

The fifth annual Pay It Forward project, sponsored each year by T’NG Plumbing of Dexter and with the support of many individuals and businesses, will honor a man who is both humble and hardworking — and well-deserving of a gift.

Daniel Johnson, 47, of Austin, is this year’s pick for a bathroom remodel by the plumbing company’s owners, Todd and Gina Grundmeier through the Pay It Forward non-profit organization.


Austin Daily Herald Articles:




2017 Terra Gorman & her 3 children

Terra Gorman & her 3 children (Jaxon-9, Griffon-7 & Madalynn-6)  moved into their new home early 2016.  Within a few weeks of that, Jaxon was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.  Terra had started bathroom renovations shortly after moving into the home, but that had gotten put on hold to care for Jaxon.  We are going back to finish that work with a few extra’s up our sleeve!  Terra has continued her college education to become an Elementary teacher as well, to help provide a better life for her children.  During the week of the project, March 20-24, the Holiday Inn will be having the family as their guests while we work on the bathroom.

We’d like to thank the following donors for their time, materials, talent & devotion to the project during this week:

Wagner Construction, Matyas Electric, Doors & Floors, Flaherty Painting, YWaste, Brick Furniture, Ace Hardware, Endres Window Cleaning, Weis Landscaping & Design, Haney’s Handyman Service, Johnstone Supply, CCI Granite, Sears Austin, Tim’s Finish Carpentry, Jason Culbert Ceramics, Holiday Inn Austin, FNM Graphix, Austin Country Club, B&J Bar & Grill, Perkins, Applebee’s Austin, Arby’s, Piggy Blues, Wellness First, Goodin Co, Hy-Vee, Old Mill, Tendermaid, Kenny’s Oak Grill, Accentra Credit Union and multiple individuals who support PayItForward Auction group.

My deepest apologies if I have mistakenly forgotten anyone on this this – thankfully there are so many to remember!!

Also thanks to KAAL, KAUS AM 1480 and the Austin Daily Herald for their time & efforts on the story about this family!

2016 Becky and Gary Josephson

Becky & Gary Josephson were chosen due to Becky’s medical diagnosis of Polycystic Kidney Disease.  Becky had been waiting for almost 5 years for a kidney when we met, as hers were under attack by PKD.  It was thought at the time to the remodel, Becky would be needing home dialysis and with the condition of the bathroom due to some mildew, that dialysis would not be possible.  There is a high level of a expectations of a sanitary environment needed with home dialysis and the mildew would stop that from being allowed in her home.  There was no venting or fan in the bathroom which was the cause, we wanted desperately to give Becky the ability to be at home for that care.

2015 Marsha and Gary Wilde

Gary & Marsha Wilde have succumb to terrible personal tragedy in their lives.  Their son committed suicide in 2000, followed by a daughter’s suicide in 2012.  Then to follow in 2013 they lost a daughter in law to cancer.  Sometimes the heavy hearts of such horrific tragedies are so desperately in need of rejuvenation.  Our choice of the Wilde’s was to bring some joy back in to their lives.  They both work, Gary as a mechanic and Marsha in dialysis and their bathroom had just become out of control.  There were attempts to repair but the expense of what was needed was just too much.  Bringing hope & peace and lots of love back into their home was just the right place & the right time.

2014 Jason Ferch

Jason Ferch was paralyzed in a fall almost 20 years ago.  The access to his bathroom was very restrictive and he could bump his knuckles on the doorway when he’d enter.   Once in the bathroom there was still no reasonable room for him as the open area of the bathroom as just wide enough for his wheelchair to go in but not to turn around.  He would then have to transfer from chair to toilet & then toilet to tub ledge & then into shower chair.  His bathroom was widened by nearly 2 feet by removing a neighboring closet, giving us the ability to install a roll in shower and a wall hung sink which he could now actually roll up to in order to see in the vanity mirror.  He had been content with the situation for nearly 14 years and it was amazing to be able to give him more freedom to move in his bathroom.